CNCA has released a series of new Chinese GB standards ("GuoBiao", National Standard). The Relevant Implementation Regulations and GB Standards are:


Implementing Regulation

New GB standard


To be replaced GB standards

Release Date

Date of implementation




GB 7258-2017

Safety specifications for power-driven vehicles operating on roads

GB 7258-2012





GB/T 4094.2-2017

Electric vehicles – Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales

GB/T 4094.2-2005




GB 11567-2017

Motor vehicles and trailers-lateral and rear underrun protection requirements

GB 11567.1-2001
GB 11567.2-2001




GB 13094-2017

The safety requirements for bus construction

GB 13094-2007
GB 18986-2003
GB/T 19950-2005




GB/T 18386-2017

Electric vehicles - Energy consumption and range - Test procedures.

GB/T 18386-2005



Source: CNCA Announcements: No. 23 and No. 26, 2017

New information regarding the CCC interpretation. In China, the new interpretation of the CCC implementation is currently being worked on.

Since the 2015 implementation caused considerable uncertainty, it was decided to publish a revised version.

As soon as this is available, it will be published on our page.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

CCC complete vehicle certification

Technical unit:

Factory audit (initial audit):

Factory audit (surveillance audit):

test samples:


The CNCA has introduced the obligation to certify motorcycle helmets.

The content of the certification is essentially the same as for the conventional CCC processes

     Initial sample test in China
     Factory audit
     follow up audits

For general information about the CCC please look at chapter CCC through CCC Procedure

The chinessiche version of the implementation guideline can be downloaded here

As part of the current investigations, the following has been stated in the CNCA-C11-09 2014.

Page 3: Application scope (2) soundproof and heatproof interior trimming materials used in engine compartment or
other heat source.

In this case, other components are included which are valid in the other heat source area. These include, for example, foam parts in the wheel well near the exhaust, or interior trim which are installed in heat source, eg. Seat foams.

For further questions please contact CONTACT

In the context of working with different authorities, there may be advantages or disadvantages of individual authorities.

We are happy to suggest a process for transferring it to another authority. Our process does not incur any additional costs for recertification.

For questions, please contact us

Since the new implementation regulations, many new interpretations of the "unit definition" have been presented. After 2 years of implementation these parameters have now been summarized and can now be analyzed in more detail.

Essential parameters here are:

     Material construction - complex parts such as door trim and dashboard
     Suppliers - Several suppliers require additional fire tests
     Component size and sub-component size - this is controlled by the component size 3-60 times 356 or 60 * 138 mm.

If you need more information you can CONTACT US

According to a latest press released by the German "Business Daily" that Volvo Cars will transfer its production site to German in order to circumvent the US imposed tariffs on China. The company CEO told Reuters that the XC60 for the US market will be produced in Europe. The relocation work is in process.

Motor vehicle and a list of vehicle components need a China CCC Certification in order to enter into the chinese market. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us page. For general information on the China CCC please look through the chapter CCC procedure.


Source: CAAM News





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